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HR Outsourcing Services

At Talenger, we know that nearly one half of corporate spending relates directly to human capital assets. How to ensure that an organisation achieves an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI) on this spend is our primary business.

An increasing number of major businesses are outsourcing their human resource operations today. One of the reasons to outsource HR operations is to streamline processes and make them more transparent to employees. Technology is usually a key enabler in achieving this transparency. It also helps preserve the sanctity of information between employee and employer.

We have a unique 5-stage process to ensure your outsourcing success. Regardless of where you are in the program lifecycle we can cater to your requirements. Depending on your needs we can manage a part of your program or the entire program life cycle.

This process is designed to not just meet stated expectations, but also to reflect our philosophy of creating real value for our customers. We have a holistic approach that goes beyond mere cost savings for your company. By understanding your business and through our relationship with you we create value not only in meeting your short term goals, but by helping you achieve your long term business goals.

We are passionate about delivering creative people-centric strategies and solutions that make our clients soar above the rest.

At Talenger, you won’t find a traditional consulting experience. Instead, you’ll experience a world in which…

  • Consultants actually listen to what you have to say.
  • Consultants make life simpler instead of adding complexity.
  • The goals are mutually defined and realistic.
  • You get rapid consensus among all the diverse stakeholders.
  • Your people enjoy working with the consultants and come away enriched.

Our clients benefit greatly from our balanced approach, technological, and design capabilities. Our consultants draw from four core groups: highly trained business analysts, skilled technology specialists and expert consultants, all under the watchful eye of experienced project managers. Collectively, their focused efforts generate engaging, user-focused services and solutions.

Advantages of HR Outsourcing

WHR outsourcing including personal outsourcing case studies have indicated that managing human resources involves specialized activities such as training, payroll administration, employee database management, employee retention, employee benefits and a lot more that many companies either don't have the proper resources or time to manage on their own. By outsourcing their HR functions companies can save huge amounts of money and be free of complications that are otherwise involved in maintaining an internal HR department. By doing so, companies can concentrate on their core competencies saving their valuable time and resources.

To sum it up, Talenger provides human resources outsourcing that helps reduce costs, helps you concentrate on core your business and most importantly helps in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Talenger outsourcing solutions

  • Robust and stable Human Capital Management Systems
  • The provision of industry “best practice”
  • Alignment with organisational strategy
  • Maximise talent management
  • Acquire innovative ideas
  • Improve risk management
  • Improved service delivery to line management and employees
  • Solid operational processes
  • Ensure legislative compliance

Why outsource to Talenger?

  • Cost containment
  • Avoid capital outlay
  • Avoid the cost of chasing technology
  • Leverage of our extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people
  • Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards
  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs
  • Ensure best practice – HR/IR strategies
  • Non-core activity best performed by experts
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater control of the Human Resource Function
  • Integrated Human Capital Management Software
  • Access to a larger pool of experts
  • Lack of internal expertise

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