Talenger Communication Portal

The Talenger internal Communication Portal application provides a central point of access for all information made generally available to employees. Communication done within an organization including emails, memos, company meetings, etc. Internal Communications speaks to the “what’s going on” within an organization, allowing a company to facilitate a voice for the employees to keep them engaged. Poor internal communication causes annexation in an organization that could lead to employees feeling disconnected.

One common repository for all communication data not only makes life easier for your employees, but the HR professionals who are tasked with authoring the information also experience productivity gains from using the Communication Portal.

The Talenger Communication Portal integrates directly into the Talenger HR solution and is controlled by User Group settings, and leverages technology to deliver timely, accurate information to your entire organization.

Benefits of the communication Portal

  • Your employees will receive company-wide announcements, notifications, and other time-sensitive communications immediately when they are released.
  • They can find and view employee benefits information, including: Medical care, disability, pensions, retirement, etc.
  • Employees can view, and apply for internal vacancies to your company’s job postings board.

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